05 January 2009

005/365 Kenwood Drive-in

005/365 Kenwood Drive-in

First opened in summer of 1949 this "open Air" theater closed in 2008. According to a fan-site of the threater it is permenently closed as of January 2, 2009. The drive-in is one in a long list of closed theaters around the country. I have many happy memories from childhood through high school, of a drive-in theater in Southington, CT. I saw an image similar to this one a while ago and I have wanted to document closed drive-in theaters since that time. This is my first attempt. Technincal info:
  • Yes this is an HDR image, and I like it that way. Capturing the clouds and the ground in one exposure would not have done the mood justice, and this just accuratly represents the actual look (since our eyes have a greater dynamic range than a digital sensor).
  • Canon 10D ISO 100 F/11
  • Sigma 15-30 mm set at 15mm
  • Desaturated to enhance my mood today. Yup, that's just how I feel. Art is an expression so there is mine.
Here is a link to the Fan site for Kenwood Drive-in . You can also check out more drive-ins at drive-ins.com .

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saint-sinner said...

Great picture! It looks like your mood might not be the greatest today, judging from the picture. I can really relate to that.

Have a good afternoon.