05 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 08:02 It's too early in P365 to not have any idea what to shoot damn it. Still sleepy.
  • 08:55 Little sleepy. Maybe a nap will do me good?
  • 11:14 All better. Called KBEMS, left a message with contact person. Wrote email last week. really want to get my state #'s so I can start working
  • 12:16 Engine 20 just sent to EMS assist. Female has been "in" the floor since last nite.
  • 12:27 Have an Idea for todays photo. I'm heading out the door. Hope KBEMS calls me back. I'm tired of waiting.
  • 13:44 Tired of waiting for KBEMS. This sucks. I'd mail the app. packet but I'm afraid they would lose it, they are govmnt employees after all
  • 14:03 Feeling kind of BLAH today. It's my B-day tomorrow, but I just don't care.
  • 14:50 Is it possible to physically blog a blah? Well I did. And you can view it here: tinyurl.com/732snh
  • 14:51 Does anyone know how to change column width in Blogger? They keep cutting off my photos!
  • 15:17 Sounds like Mt. Washington FD & SE Bullitt FD are going out on a working fire. 600 Deerwood Rd. 3102 On scene working fire.
  • 16:48 Made Turkey Chili for dinner. I use an Alton Brown recipe then I adjust to my taste & needs
  • 17:21 Watching Hancock. I like the reluctant hero.
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