04 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:04 Another 24 hours of firehouse fun. Be advised I'm riding as officer. No one is safe.
  • 07:41 Need to think about my photo for the day. Maybe a "tools of the trade" theme?
  • 08:08 Ok so who has the vx8r from Yaesu? It looks like a nice radio. is it worth the upgrade? #hamr
  • 08:50 Working on Firehouse Databse Queries for Louisville Water Company. I have little training and it's getting frustrating!
  • 09:03 After dusting off the gray matter (Mater?) I've solved the problem. Lots of data entry required though :(
  • 10:03 1st run today, Full arrest. I think he'll make it too!
  • 12:15 shooting for today's project 365.
  • 12:52 Red beans & rice for lunch. Cheap and effective.
  • 13:51 Stop poking me MR. Pike. Project 365 done for today. tinyurl.com/9evpr6 What to shoot for tomorrow?
  • 14:36 Going out to get groceries. Have to be back in time for the big game.
  • 17:57 Kentucky is losing this game. They could win, but they aren't in the game. It's theirs to lose (or win if they choose)
  • 18:00 First kettlebell workout today. It wore me out. Difficult to adjust to technique, but I'll get it soon.
  • 18:36 I'll be the first to call for Billy G's Firing. Get rid of the drunkard.
  • 19:39 Nothing snarky to say about the game. Cards won fair, but UK lost (as expected). Billy G's time at UK is closing. One more season max.
  • 20:28 Ok, so where to photograph tomorrow? Should be partly cloudy, would like to get outdoor shoots when possible.
  • 21:43 Ok twits, I'm heading off to bed and hopefully some sleep. Don't be a stranger.
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1 comment:

saint-sinner said...

Sounds alot like my day at the station yesterday. Sometimes, the days get very long.

Nice picture of the pike pole in the previous entry!