03 January 2009

003/365 Bowman Field (KLOU)

003/365 Bowman Terminal

Bowman Field (KLOU)

Bowman Field is Kentucky's first commercial airport and one of the oldest continually operating airfields in North America. The airport has played a vital role in the growth and evolution of the country's aviation industry. It was founded by Abram H. Bowman, who was drawn to aviation by the interest generated during World War I.

Bowman found an outlet for his enthusiasm after meeting and forming a brief partnership with Louisvillian Robert H. Gast, a pilot and World War I veteran of the Royal Flying Corps. Bowman leased a parcel of land east of Louisville from the U.S. Government in 1919 to operate the airfield, which opened in 1921. Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Louisville Regional Airport Authority

I really like Bowman field, but that's just because I am an aviation nut. The terminal is a nice old place, but today it is used as leased office space. The is an expensive french restaurant called La Relais but I can't afford to eat there so I cannot provide a detailed dissertation on the quality of their food. The exterior of this building will most likely appear within my Project 365 but today I was looking for interior shots. I made it an HDR image to get the trees outside and a great tonal range. The Black and white desaturation done in Photoshop CS3 gives it an alomost timeless look. I was going to add film grain and make the image look old, but I am feeling lazy today.

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