18 July 2006

Weather or Not

Yes it is hot. Not unusually hot. This is the summer I expect. I guess I lived in Florida for too many years.

A few calls today. One full arrest. The Doctor called the PT at the hospital not more then 5 minutes after our arrival. First full arrest in some time. After downloading the SAED the PT was Asystole the whole time. Non-shockable rhythm. The family last spoke to her at 1am this morning. The call came in around 10:30am.

Fire alarms and food on the stove, thats about all. One Gas leak in a house. We shut off the gas main and ventilated the house.

Tuesday night is training night for our volunteers. We were supposed to do live burn exercises but that was canceled due to the heat. We stayed indoors and did a little First aid / CPR. Kind of Ironic. I just performed CPR for 20 + minutes this morning and now we are training on proper technique.