04 January 2009

004/365 Pike

004/365 Pike Pole

I am slightly worried about my creative abilities while at work. Eventually I will run out of things to shoot in the firehouse. I really wanted to shoot a whole series of tools today but I held back so I wouldn't get stuck later. I will do a whole series over the year about the tools we use, but for now here is the pike pole.

I am a lighting geek. I thought of this yesterday, sihoueting a pike pole head. This one took me about fourty five minutes to set up and try different angles. I had to make a couple of snoots for my flashes to keep the light from spilling everywhere. I had a good shot similar to this with a little light reflected on the face of the tool but as it turnes out my focus was off so I junked that image. Whats that I hear? You want technical specs? Ok you asked for it:

Canon 10D 1/250 sec F2.8
105mm Macro lens
Vivitar 430 Camera Left w/ DIY snoot
Vivitar 850 camera right 1/8 power w/ DIY snoot

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