26 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 10:30 Pronounce 'OFTEN' With the T or without?
  • 10:31 Here is a Lousiville Specific , "ACROSS" some people around here like to add a "T" to the end of that word
  • 10:33 While I am on this rant, WTF is up with IDEA? Can we all agree that IDEA and IDEAL are two DIFFERENT words?
  • 10:40 ROLF I am watching the LouTelevision channel on youtube. When will Louisville help me? tinyurl.com/bvdkev
  • 10:46 Hey Louisville, you have the best parks I've seen in the states I've lived. Great parks system here!
  • 10:48 One complaint, stop tearing down historic places and putting shopping malls with a little sign that says "Something important was here.....
  • 10:48 ....but we knocked it down and put a sign up so you'd know about it"
  • 10:52 See? this is why I need a paramedic job, so I can stop cluttering your twitter feeds with nonsense.
  • 11:16 What is Windows 7 anyway? Another Windows ME?
  • 11:30 Downloading songsmith. Why not. Everyone says I sing too much anyway
  • 11:37 HA! Louisville says they are ready for the snow! Ready like they were back in 1994?
  • 11:47 I really might need to get groceries. How embarassing
  • 11:50 Looks like Belski says we are getting snow tonight, but possibly Ice tomorrow. That is better than ice first
  • 12:15 Left my kettlebell out in the car. Now it's too cold to workout with, it needs to warm up.
  • 12:25 Time to fly virtually. \
  • 15:11 Picked up a pair of hiking boots. My old ones are 5 years old. Despirately needed new ones.
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