14 January 2009

014/365 Louisville Water Company Reservoir

014/365 LWC Reservoir
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A brisk and cold afternoon in the Frankfort Avenue and Clifton neighborhood. Static temperature was 34 degrees and the wind chill was in the low 20's. My wife and I braved the weather and journeyed up to the water company reservoir. The Crescent Hill Reservoir was finished in 1879. The purpose of this large holding facility was to let the mud and sediment naturally settle to the bottom, making the water that came from the Ohio River a little clearer. It was common prior to the reservoir's completion to let a glass of water sit so the sand and mud could settle to the bottom of the glass before drinking. I like modern technology.

Enjoy a few more images from the LWC reservoir:

LWC #2

LWC Resivoir HDR

Information about the Crescent Hill Reservoir taken from Louisville Water Company

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