16 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 00:04 Selected 64 out of 331 images from Highview's fire. Exporting to CD now to give to HFD & Okolona FD
  • 00:40 Just let the dogs out one last time tonight. 15 degrees, wind chill = 0.
  • 01:07 Images from Highview FD's Fire now posted here: tinyurl.com/7ptr79
  • 01:20 You can also go here tinyurl.com/75gm9d
  • 01:20 G'nigh twits. time for sleep.
  • 12:11 Not looking forward to working tomorrow. although I need to go out and find a photo for 365 today
  • 15:29 Pleasure Ridge Park FD fights house fire in 14 degree temps. tinyurl.com/8vmc8n
  • 15:39 Here's a brief story that goes with the fire. tinyurl.com/7j6w62
  • 17:15 At falls of ohio waiting for sun to set. 15 feet from water. It's freaking cold.
  • 18:54 BAck from the brink of the ice age. It was 11 degrees and the wind was brisk by the river. Time to download photos and see what we have
  • 20:30 Photo of the day posted. I'm still trying to thaw out. tinyurl.com/899htw
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