06 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 09:45 YAWN, morning twits. Whats happening? I know I'm missing the cover letter on my TPS reports.
  • 09:54 Crap, I give up on trying to spell correctly today
  • 10:55 Woohoo! I'm going to Frankfort, to turn in my Paramedic App. Anyone need anything while I'm out?
  • 13:20 sitting in KCTCS office, Versailles KY. Waiting for KBEMS to issue medic numbers to me.
  • 13:27 Are all the Mac-o-philes foaming at the mouth for the keynote speech or what? #keynote
  • 13:42 Victory is mine! For those who care Ky #4023P are my numbers!! Now I can begin the job search.
  • 16:35 Getting sleepy.
  • 23:09 Goodnite gracie. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. BE safe.
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