22 January 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 23:51 CATs win again! Still think Porter should have been benched. Take the shot or get off the court.
  • 07:05 Enthralled to be at firehouse for 24 hours. Can I get a do over too?
  • 08:20 My friend is piloting a plane from KSDF to Boston MA, then flying a citation to Chicago. I am jealous. He sucks.
  • 10:17 No word from YEMS, going to rural metro tomorow
  • 11:34 Training today on CPR recert, HIPPA and spinal cord injuries.
  • 11:36 Leaving training now going to the gym. I know, you just can't handle the excitement. Please try to contain yourself.
  • 12:20 I need new sneakers. These are giving me blisters on the heel (worn padding out of heel). So much for working out.
  • 12:46 The crew tried to leave me at the gym. What are they trying to say? Maybe I should find a new job.
  • 18:13 Dinner done, Engine is washed; Sgt is at a class, so I am officer of the Engine until 10pm. Be afraid (no really, it's scarry)
  • 18:14 Need a photo for the day. Hmmm....
  • 20:06 I never knew there was such co-operation between Louisville Blogggers
  • 20:27 Going to try to install Wordpress on Godaddy hosting web site. 3rd try. Getting frustrated. So much for easy.
  • 21:00 Transferring from blogger to wordpress. Crossing fingers
  • 23:26 Looking for a CSS that I like to apply to my blog
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