29 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 09:38 24 hours of firehouse love. Teaching Hazmat to the recruits.
  • 14:50 I'm getting dragged into a legal case from an EMS run more than 3 years ago.
  • 14:53 The 2 Louisville fans I work with are yelling at the TV. Sloppy play all around.
  • 15:45 Watching Louisville MIST game at the station - bkite.com/05ZTn
  • 17:28 Sitting on the side of I-71 SB waiting to clear from an MVC
  • 17:55 Finally clearing the highway. What's for dinner?
  • 20:34 Everything is all cleaned up at the station (finally). Washing clothes, working Rural Metro tomorrow
  • 20:41 Been on my feet since 7am. My knee does not like me at the moment.
  • 21:00 A friend of mine is doing a photo project fo her masters in education tinyurl.com/d48jjv
  • 21:06 Why the Monkey? 087/365 Thai iced tea tinyurl.com/carehe
  • 21:07 Why the Monkey? 088/365 MVC tinyurl.com/devufn
  • 21:30 My first Medical Neccessity blog: Dispatch - tinyurl.com/cqwyrs
  • 21:33 Don't know if I can keep up two blogs, but I am going to try to write. Too many things to say about Prehospital medical care.
  • 22:25 Listening to EMS educast. Yes, I'm a junkie. I live with my issues.
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