10 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:29 Enthralled to be at a mandatory meeting @ firehouse on my only day off. 07:30am
  • 14:23 Home after a very productive department meeting. We actually might get some things accomplished!
  • 15:09 Feel like crap. Going to take a nap. Without a night cap. Don't be such a sap.
  • 16:58 Apple is supposed to be hip, but have proven that they are clueless to social media. 1984 freaks, they are watching
  • 17:15 Is a temp of 99.6 bad?
  • 17:19 Summary: Tweetie was denied because the dev. cannot regulate the internet. that looks a little...um, stupid. #apple
  • 17:21 Sorry Amazon Kindle App, books might contain words we object to, so you are denied #apple
  • 17:28 Crap, no Pipe Band for me tonight. It's up to 100 degrees. This is bad I think.
  • 17:43 Wow, this Tweetie 1.3 thing is taking off like wildfire. Reading posts on search.twitter.com
  • 17:45 On a positive note, it's a Nyquil night for me! Wait, how is that positive?
  • 18:25 Laying on the couch watching Eagle Eye, waiting for my wife to return home
  • 21:33 Temp down to 99.4 after second Tylenol dose. Nyquil here I come!
  • 21:44 For all the iphone converts from WinMo WebIS submitted pocket informant app to apple today.
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