15 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 00:44 Trying to sleep. Body not going along with this plan. Very unhappy
  • 07:32 Home. No runs last night. Time for early morning nap. Sunday is a day of rest after all right?
  • 16:13 Youtube is all slow and stuff. Tried to fly in Aces High but keep getting Disco'd. Come on interweb thingie just speed up already
  • 19:59 Updated 6 photos, from project 365. I got behind while being sick with the blog posts, but the photos were taken each day.
  • 20:00 joelneild.com/blog for Project 365
  • 20:05 Why the Monkey? 073/365 He's Joshing me tinyurl.com/cexd3x
  • 20:05 Why the Monkey? 074/365 State of the Art tinyurl.com/cb4zo5
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