25 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:56 Just added myself to the wefollow.com twitter directory under: ##Paramedic ##Photographer ##Firefighter
  • 07:57 Morning Twits. Warm and rainy here in the metro. Probably going to be busy on the ambulance
  • 11:25 1st run difficulty breathing. PT was very warm. I'm thinking Pneumonia exacerbated COPD.
  • 12:50 On the way to the Suburban Hosp. Area for posting. - bkite.com/05RLk
  • 14:42 Clearing VA hospital. Back to our posting location.
  • 14:46 Bright Kite is a neat idea but not very useful in my area. Not many users, and some haven't updated in 7-10 months #britekite
  • 14:49 When will we finally have enough social media websites? Twitter, Brite kite, FB, Socialscope, plaxo, linked in. I'm going to pare down my
  • 14:49 Social media web presence. Too freaking many.
  • 20:36 Why the Monkey? 083/365 Lines & Knots tinyurl.com/cwl4xh
  • 20:36 Why the Monkey? 084/365 Executive Inn tinyurl.com/cmu5b6
  • 20:50 Kentucky proves why they never made the NCAA tourny. They can't get the little ball in the basket. #NIT
  • 20:55 Horrible performance Kentucky. Lost 67-77 to ND. Please come back next year with some freaking heart and desire to play the game
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