11 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 11:29 Morning Social media nerds! No fever this AM, just feeling a little achy. Will probably be going to work tomorrow.
  • 11:38 15 people killed in Stuttgart, Germany school shooting. 17yo suspect killed by Police while fleeing
  • 12:28 RT @amymichael: you wanted the links people, so i am on a roll shitamericaneeds.com/
  • 13:06 Watching "The Strangers" not based on any actual event. Just a creative story.
  • 13:45 WTF is source Boston and why should I care? No offense intended.
  • 13:47 1st death abou to occur in movie. Irony, he shot his friend. #strangers
  • 13:50 Anyone in twitterville going to FHETS @ Disney this October? #fhets
  • 13:55 Everyone asleep at the wheel todar except Ben?
  • 14:02 LOL ham radio makes a cameo in The Strangers! #strangers #ham
  • 14:19 Glad I didn't pay to see that I'm theaters. Kind of predictable. #strangers
  • 14:38 Temp. Holding at 99. Time for Tylenol, and more water
  • 14:40 Gross Pointe Blank is on. Nothing funnier that comedy based on two assassins
  • 14:43 "I've killed the president of Paraguay with a for, how are you doing?" LOL
  • 14:44 With a fork. Damn keyboard.
  • 14:47 "Don't kill anyone for a few days, see how that feels."
  • 14:54 "You can never go home again, Oatman, but I guess you can shop there"
  • 15:10 "Thank you for profiting on my childhood" #grosspointeblank
  • 15:19 Everyone needs "A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality" #grosspointeblank
  • 15:39 "What do you do for a living?" "Professional Killer" "Good for you, it's a growth industry" #grosspointblank
  • 16:21 Next? Evan almighty. Tried watching Epic Movie but had to quit. It was horrible
  • 16:28 Is Keep Louisville Weird on Twitter or Facebook?
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