02 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 06:27 Stuck in the middle again. 24 more hours at the firehouse
  • 10:07 Working on more Firehouse software projects. I should get some real training in database management
  • 10:37 Out doing inspections. Actually we're doing pre-plans. We have all the fun
  • 11:26 Dag nabit, is Twitter & twitpics having issues or is it tweetie? @atebites
  • 11:27 Just a penny on the train tracks waiting for my judgement day... twitpic.com/1stiw
  • 11:28 Finally, I got a photo to post to twitpic. About freaking time!
  • 11:31 Oh now WTF? Error posting photo. Bad gateway. Stupid f'ing technology. Never works when I want it to work.
  • 14:14 Attention East Coast, send my snow back to me damnit! We got jipped!
  • 17:23 20min. kettlebell workout / 20 min on stair master = I'm done. That is all.
  • 17:37 Why the Monkey? 061/365 self portrait by iPhone tinyurl.com/apxp7v
  • 17:47 "Many miles away something crawls from the slim of a dark scottish lake..."
  • 17:50 "packed like lemmings into shinny metal boxes...."
  • 18:16 "Time stand still, I'm not looking back but I won't look around me now; Freeze this moment a little bit longer"
  • 18:56 Fairdale FD working a fire in 2 sty apartment 5507 Hunt Club Lane.
  • 19:59 Is there anything worth watching on TV tonight?
  • 20:13 LOL I forgot I had the i.TV app for iPhone.
  • 21:12 Settled on Apollo 13 on AMC.
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