21 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 01:48 I think some of our EMTs are getting sloppy at the firehouse. Poor clinicians and lazy about taking vitals.
  • 02:32 I'd like Louisville more if it were not the allergy capitol of the US. My congested head agrees. Never had problems till I moved here
  • 03:21 So my stomach didn't like the decongestant I took a little while ago. Add that to sinus congestion = no sleep
  • 07:36 Home. More sleep soon. First take care of dogs. Working special event for Rural Metro tonight @ Science Center
  • 08:09 Mechanical sirens in the distance. E10 must have a med run somewhere. There was a fatal mvc Bardstown rd. At county line about an hour ago.
  • 11:03 I give. World 1 me 0. No sleep this morning.
  • 14:19 Home. Have a few chores to do. Maybe a nap before work tonight
  • 20:14 Equipment checked; Truck checked. Ready to go
  • 21:40 College dance party in celebration of heart awareness week. - bkite.com/05LqT
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