26 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:32 Back at the firehouse. Hope all my friends @ WDW survive the axe!
  • 08:12 On the way to USAR team training. First one for me. Just got on the team last December
  • 08:38 I'm at Louisville - bkite.com/05TfI
  • 12:42 On the way back from training. Nothing exciting, keep moving.
  • 16:08 I'm riding as officer until 10pm EDT. Be afraid. Seriously.
  • 17:35 EMS is busy. All private svcs. are out of trucks. LMEMS are holding code 1 runs. And it's sunny & dry out! WTF?
  • 18:18 Dinner, yum! Night cleaning finished. I've got a few admin. duties to finish then I get to rest!
  • 20:57 Finally finished with the administrative duties. No wonder my Major never gets to sleep before 1am!
  • 21:07 Why the Monkey? 085/365 Tender 1869 tinyurl.com/dasqs5
  • 21:18 Waiting for laundry in washer. Bored and tired.
  • 21:24 Anyone ever actually try to read Legeslative bills in House or Senate? Ridiculously convoluted or what?
  • 22:08 According to WHAS 11 news Billy Gillispie may not be back for a third season. tinyurl.com/cwq4r9
  • 22:11 WHAS 11 implied that Billy G. is mostly fired. No official word yet.
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