23 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:10 Welcome to 24 more hours at the firehouse. Hopefully stupidity will stay home
  • 07:50 Live fire training this morning. Four departments will be there. Oh joy!
  • 12:11 Back from training. Lunch finished. Need to repair door on the engine & refill bottles.
  • 14:27 Stopped by station 2; now for some area awareness - bkite.com/05OlF
  • 15:15 Listening to EMS garage podcast.
  • 15:42 Back at station 3. Getting sleepy. - bkite.com/05OsX
  • 15:56 Wishing I could be playing Paramedic on an ambulance.
  • 15:59 Does anyone think Advanced Practice Paramedic program will be comming to Kentucky? I bet not. Surprised we are not using hurses still
  • 16:20 Pass this along!!! - hour of silence(no tweets) tonight on Twitter from 8p-9p EDT in memoriam of the slain officers in Oakland.
  • 16:30 I was going to take a RapidCE class, but I think I'll wash the engine first.
  • 19:01 Watching Axe men on History Channel. People think firefighting is crazy?
  • 19:05 JUST IN -- The Middle Tennessee University is on lockdown after an armed man reportedly ran into a building on campus. (via @BreakingNewsOn)
  • 20:41 About time Patterson took a freaking shot! He's killing me with his lack of shots. #nit
  • 20:45 Hey Kentucky, if you can't defend against the 3 you aren't going to win. This isn't rocket science
  • 20:50 UK might as well get off the court if they are going to play like that. High school teams play better than this
  • 21:01 WTG Kentucky, you officially SUCK. Can we get a New coach yet?
  • 21:05 Last 2 minutes are always the best. #nit
  • 21:16 Ok, now on to Notre Dame in the Quarterfinals. IF we could only play consistantly, we might have a chance. #NIT
  • 21:26 Who wants to see a UCONN & Louisville rematch in the Final Four? #FInalFour
  • 21:47 Unreal sheep hearding is.gd/nHjt (via @Chrismatthieu)
  • 21:54 Getting sleepy. Have to go make bed. Then maybe @planetmoney podcast of the day. Crap, still need a photo of the day :(
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