04 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 23:05 I'm officially addicted to @planetmoney podcast. Listening to Monday's now.
  • 23:06 Why the Monkey? 062/365 Plane Blue Sky tinyurl.com/bo95xh
  • 23:45 Now listening to TWiAR podcast
  • 07:21 Morning twits. Already hit the weights, let the dogs outside. Time to clean up and make b-fast. Working the ambulance today.
  • 09:48 One of two medics on shift today. We're posted already.
  • 12:11 1st run Nausea & vomiting 2nd to poor pain management. Nursing home didn't think to ask for Fentenyl patch from Dr. It isn't rocket science
  • 13:10 Back to posting in the center. Lunch=Kroger Sushi & small salad.
  • 20:07 Why the Monkey? 063/365 Climbing the wall tinyurl.com/afwcsy
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