09 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 06:45 Morning tweeple. Slept through the night. Minor miracle at a fire station. Going to work on ambulance later this AM.
  • 12:17 We had a morning rush at the ambulance. It has slowed for now.
  • 13:01 I'm at Louisville-Jefferson County (Balance) - bkite.com/05kQw
  • 13:02 Posting at Iroqouis Park. Nice sunny day! - bkite.com/05kQI
  • 13:49 I'm wondering why I need to call MCP to give Epi SQ on anaphylaxsis? Protocols say give Benadryl First MPC orders for that also
  • 17:10 I just waited over an hour an a half for a bed in Jewish ER (for my patient not me). Good golly it's busy in ERs around here!
  • 17:18 I'm at Louisville-Jefferson County (Balance) - bkite.com/05lfo
  • 17:19 Going back to station for end of shift!! :) - bkite.com/05lfu
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