27 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 09:14 Back on the paramedic band wagon. R/M was busy yesterday. Slow morning so far, we shall see!
  • 09:44 Posting downtown. A BLS crew is here with us. - bkite.com/05VfX
  • 09:46 I'm at Waterfront Park - bkite.com/05Vg6
  • 09:51 #followfriday @geekymedic for all your EMS podcast needs.
  • 14:12 Posted in the Audobon area. Waiting for the next run - bkite.com/05VHr
  • 14:16 bit.ly/bYlv explains, FINALLY, what this "#followfriday" thing is. (Thanks, @jankabili!) (via @Pogue)
  • 15:45 Billy Gillispie gone from Kentucky. Press conference @ 4:30edt.
  • 18:25 Clearing from lift assist. Missed IV on last run. Only ALS PT of the day.
  • 19:18 Americanized Chinese food! Yumm! - bkite.com/05WeM
  • 20:35 Arizona forgot to show up to the game. Louisville is klling them 65-34
  • 21:02 Going to bed. Both games are a blow out. No point watching anymore. Need sleep
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