13 March 2009

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  • 09:47 Working Friday 13th on the ambulance. Dialysis pick up is first on list. 3 medics on today
  • 09:49 #followfriday funny as hell and a bit twisted @buckman paramedic & educator extrodinair.
  • 09:51 I had to wait 30 minutes so mechanics could replace fuel filter. We are finally available for shift
  • 10:04 Our PT has 20 minutes left on machine. Disp. Told us to wait. No medics available. Go figure
  • 10:07 2nd BLS truck taking code 3 run. ALS trucks are all on BLS runs. Very poor unit management. Doesn't bother me, My ass isn't on the line
  • 10:32 Wanna hear something funny? The BLS truck that just cleared my location is on a code 3 run, we are still waiting for our bls patient
  • 10:33 They are holding another code 3 run. We are still waiting for our patient. Training needed for dispatchers
  • 13:33 I have affirmed my dislike for Sts. Mary & Elizabeth hosp. Staff there are always rude, and unpleasant to deal with.
  • 13:55 Question: Who thinks Billy G. Will be looking for a new job next year?
  • 17:29 Home at last. Let dogs out, enjoying sunny afternoon.
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