05 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 07:00 Zzzzzzz.....huh?what? Oh, nothing interesting. Just another 24 hours at the firehouse
  • 08:37 yone using Microsoft Office Live workspace? Is it worth the hoopla?
  • 10:19 Going to get me a chanter to practice my piping. Going to switch from Drums to pipes in the next years. Drumming is too stagnent
  • 16:42 Finished training (search & Rescue), refilled air bottles. Trying to motivate myself to hit the kettlebell and stairmaster. Need to workout
  • 16:54 Looked at Ambulance schedule tomorrow, there are 4 medics on. Maybe an easy day? Probably not.
  • 18:07 With 33 seconds left on the stairmaster we made run 2 of the day. At least I got a workout in before dinner!
  • 19:36 Reading EMS magazine March. Insightful article regarding blood pressure. Good one on patient-centric service.
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