14 March 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 06:33 Going to try and make it through 24hrs at the firehouse.
  • 07:14 The creepy crawly crud is going around the firehouse. Yesterdays Sgt. was sent home sick. Disinfecting everything today. Buy Lysol stock
  • 08:29 It's only been an hour and a half. I could use a nap already.
  • 16:14 I'm at Louisville - bkite.com/05vFJ
  • 16:16 Crew is in the gym working out. I'm monitoring radio traffic, not working out until I feel better. Hopefully only a day or two more til then
  • 16:28 Did I mention that I am now in charge of PPE? I've got some organizing to do. Pairing spare boots is first on the list
  • 16:53 "Looking for love, or an angel to forgive my sins....the way the big wheel spins"
  • 19:49 On a run waiting for my crew to find the scouce of a malificent odor in a house
  • 20:00 Holy cow. I'm 3 shows behind on the EMS educast. Need to catch up
  • 20:07 I was practicing my scale on the chanter before this run came in.
  • 20:08 Practice chanter for bagpipes only has 9 notes. So do the great highland pipes
  • 21:29 AIG is going to Pay execs $100 million in bonuses, after taking $170 billion in bailout per @NYT
  • 21:30 Who is pissed about that AIG bonus payout?
  • 21:33 I'm going to practice my Highland bagpipes near @buckman
  • 21:39 Wow I am 4 shows behind @firephotos. Too many podcasts, not enough time.
  • 22:36 Listening to Ems educast ep.2. I wish I could get in on the conversation.
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