26 December 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 05:10 Morning Metro 'Ville. Going back to the firehouse. Admin. Staff is off today, should be peaceful.
  • 08:19 We need to educate people. There is a difference between steam from radiator and fire in the engine. MVA no fire minor injuries.
  • 10:18 Crew is at the gym. I'm engineer today & I'm staying with the truck. Can't wait till we get facilities at new station to workout on my sched
  • 11:00 And I awoke, faintly bouncing around the room. The echo of whom ever spoke (that time and once again I'm bouncing around the room)
  • 19:52 Whoa, Fee you try to live a life that's completely free. Flyod is dead he's nothing but a ripple, cause Millie took that paper and sliced...
  • 20:13 Watching Whale Wars on TV. Apperently HH The Dalai Lama supports their effort. tinyurl.com/7bbbwo
  • 22:59 Going to sleep. G'nite twits.
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