30 December 2008

HDR Imaging

Click the photo to see a larger version

This is my first foray into HDR processing. HDR is High Dynamic Range, and it produces some very beautiful images when done correctly. The photographer takes two or more photos with different exposure values. Then the magic of photoshop takes over. The images are merged together with all the tonal ranges represented. After a little tweeking, you get these shown above. The Photomatix water mark are due to the trial version of some software that I used in the processing.

The second image is particularlly pleasing to my eye. This is the closest I have seen digital images come in comparison to Fuji Velvia slide film. I like the rich tonal range of velvia. I think this (once I find a good workflow and refine my processing) is going to appear in many of my images in the future. Enjoy the view!

P.S. Click the photos to see the images correctly. Blogspot has the column set to a very square alignment so some of the image is clipped on the right side.

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