06 December 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 00:35 Watching Silverado on AMC. Bored & tired, but can't sleep. Such is life at the station.
  • 07:51 Home, nap, then back to studying. Was up till 1am so I'm a little sleepy.
  • 12:27 Good afternoon! Time to hit the books. Test in 4 days.
  • 12:50 Rain/Snow/Sleet stuff falling. It's cold & wet outside.
  • 13:10 I bet Metro Govmnt. wasn't prepared to salt the roads today. They are so narrow sighted. Now....cars wrecked everywhere.
  • 13:09 Ambulance Company called, they want to staff more Trucks due to icy roads. It would me more hazardous for me to drive there.
  • 13:27 Damn, I think my DVD player bit the dust also. It's the only CD player I have connected to the stereo.
  • 16:54 Getting ready for Department Banquet tonight. Not all that much fun, but we'll make due.
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