09 December 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 07:48 Awake, warm morning in the metro. Looks like mostly rain (no snow) todat. Passing time until I go to written test.
  • 11:26 I'm confused. I answered 80 questions and test ended. I either rocked, or blew it completely.
  • 14:08 Playing Aces High II (my online gme addiction)
  • 15:16 Results are in from NREMT........
  • 15:18 NREMT says "Congratulations on successfully completing the cognitive portion of your EMS certification."
  • 15:49 testing
  • 15:50 Twitterfox is acting up. It won't D/L my followed tweets?
  • 18:28 What the hell? Irish Rover doesn't carry Tennants lager anymore? This is not right. Some celebration tonight :(
  • 19:16 Mayor for life is at the rover. BTW sticky toffee pudding rocks here. Props to Cumberland brews for scottish ale!
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