28 December 2008

Project 365

Whats this? Actually human input to the blog of the Yankee? Yup, I am actually writing in my blog, not just cross posting twitter snippets.

Project 365 is a photography project where the goal is to take at least on photo every day for an entire year (Last year's would have been project 366). Having freed much of my time by completing the paramedic class, I will take this personal challenge to improve my photography. I will make attempts to post the chosen photo here on the blog with any thoughts or stories that accompany the image. You can also check my flickr photostream for the images.

While waiting around for the next EMS run to come in I just thought, why wait until January 1st? I think I will have a little warm up and start taking photos tomorrow (but I will officially count beginning on Jan. 1 2009). Ambitious? Yes, but why wait?

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