05 December 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 10:07 Good morning Twits. Been at work for more than 3 hours. Had a fire alarm run @ 06:30 (before my shift) and I drove the quint.
  • 10:07 Command Car checks today (oh boy). Temp 17deg F this AM. No galavanting around in apparatus. Hope to study this afternoon.
  • 10:24 Strobist reference to soul-sucking day job...LOL tinyurl.com/6nwwl5
  • 10:40 Not that my job is soul-sucking, every once in a while we get the chance to positively influence the outcome of someone's Day.
  • 14:40 2nd run today, automatic M/A to Middletown. Drove Quint again. This is getting to be habitual
  • 15:04 3rd & 4th runs simultanious. 3rd was cooking fire out on arrival. 4th was another alarm malfunction. Keep the runs comming!
  • 15:07 Oh yeah I am oficially driver/Chauffer/engineer or any other word for apparatus operator today.
  • 17:25 Dinner time at the station, some days reminds me of slopping hogs. Fill the trough, them hogs is hungry!
  • 18:15 Evening routine is finished. Ripping CD's so I can put them on my HTC Kaiser.
  • 19:37 Listening to Music on my ATT Tilt. Hooray for Technology. Now I need one of two thing: 1. HTC mini USB to 3.5mm headphone adapter or...
  • 19:38 2. Bluetooth stereo headphones.
  • 20:47 Studying for NREMT-P written exam (on Tuesday). My whole weekend will be studying (but not entirely, I need breaks too).
  • 22:51 Crimeny. I only scored an 81% on Trauma. Some questions I just blanked on. Oh well, it's passing. Need more sleep, G'nite Twits!
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