23 December 2008

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  • 06:30 Back at the fire house for 24. Going to be a messy afternoon/evening with freezing rain after 13:00.
  • 10:36 Crew at the gym. Sgt actually listened to my suggestion, goto gym before freezing rain starts this afternoon. I think it's a miracle.
  • 10:38 Anyone wantto hire new paramedic for regular part-time work? It's going to be challnging to find a job.
  • 10:43 Crap. It's 28 deg. and the rain begins. MVA's begin soon.
  • 12:53 Sprinkler Pipe burst at hotel. Water secured now chief wants us to do a fire inspection. There goes lunch.
  • 14:08 Anxiously checking NREMT website to see if the have the results from Saturday. Hope to get my card in the mail by Jan.5 so I can goto KBEMS
  • 14:21 People in the 'Ville- Roads are becomming ICY use extreme caution!
  • 14:23 I-64 is a mess, Multiple MVA's (one involves 9 vehicles). Taylorsville Lake Rd has serious accident.
  • 14:31 Fatality on Taylorsville Lake Rd. per Eastwood Fire.
  • 14:41 841 & Taylorsville Rd. EMS crew hit, 9902 also hit. Multi patients down.
  • 14:45 J-town Engine on scene now saying need at least 3 Ambulances. 1 EMT, Asst. Chief & 1 other PT hit by vehicle.
  • 16:10 Joel E. Neild NREMT #:P8032355 Level: Paramedic Exp. Date: 31 Mar 2011
  • 16:11 Hell Ya! They scored my practical today and I officially passed! Now to get paperwork by mail.
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