05 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 23:37 @joschmoblo Why is the drama always surrounding you?
  • 23:52 @OutlanderUSA Yes, but a little quiet today
  • 23:57 @OutlanderUSA Twitter has been quiet today
  • 23:57 @OutlanderUSA You have been busy I guess.
  • 23:57 @fire_fighter Morning already?
  • 23:57 @joschmoblo Maybe you shouldn't be driving?
  • 01:22 Listening to a little Pink Floyd while my Iphone syncs the music.
  • 02:58 I should try to sleep now. I'm tired
  • 09:18 Twits, it's morning again. I was up too late last night playing with phone. Still tired
  • 09:30 Any one have a good RSS reader for iphone?
  • 09:33 Iphone syncs to Outlook better than Windows Mobile did. I have Exchange mail box AND Outlook email at home. It syncs both!
  • 10:54 Iphone Update, the audio (during phone calls) is absolutely amazing. Clearest I've heard in a cell phone
  • 11:09 I'm game tinyurl.com/asawdn
  • 16:01 Any one know of twitter app that shows # unread tweets on home screen?
  • 17:53 Cooked dinner, wash cloths. Time to relax.
  • 19:06 Why the Monkey? Two for one tinyurl.com/alrro7
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