17 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 10:53 Working R/M today. First day as a medic solo.
  • 10:54 First run dialysis transport, you guessed correctly, I made my EMT tech the run.
  • 11:12 Yup, I did 8 hours last week being precepted. Now I am flying solo. 2nd dialysis pick-up. May tech the next run either way. Getting bored.
  • 11:29 Semi lost it's trailer 1st & broadway. 1st St blocked
  • 14:37 I teched a bls in to the ER. Dialysis PT needed shunt secured. It was pulling out.
  • 15:10 3rd dialysis run. My Partner is working hard today!
  • 21:11 Back from pipe band practice. Not much has changed in the 2 years I've been absent
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