03 February 2009

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  • 08:42 Slick stuck in traffic. Towing our cascade trailer to get filled. I265 @ hwy 22 is full stop.
  • 09:06 Awesome, snow. Almost a white out!. Roads getting slick. Busy day ahead at firehouse.
  • 10:14 The bad new...I fell on the ice. So far I'm ok but my Att tilt didn't make it. Screen is broken. :(
  • 10:44 Anyone have any ideas for PDA phones? I'm looking for a new one.
  • 10:57 Hey Iphone users, is the iphone the way to go? I can get referbed Iphone for less than new HTC device.
  • 11:15 Really? I thought there were more Iphone users out there. No responses.
  • 11:49 Anyone hear anything good about the Fuze?
  • 12:06 Damn $600 for HTC Fuze (Touch Pro)
  • 12:19 Damn. I might just go back to plain phone, no PDA. Stupid technology.
  • 14:44 is youtube not working? or is it our network at the station?
  • 15:31 Even the cheapest phone on ATT website I could buy is $159.00. really?
  • 15:36 a little. Any good deals?
  • 15:46 Still looking for ~ $199 unless you want a broken one. Then I can get one for $78
  • 15:51 That was for a used HTC Tytn II.
  • 15:51 I generally don't like buying electronics on Ebay. I want to feel the device in my hands prior to purchasing.
  • 16:06 I'm suffering from Withdrawal from my device.
  • 16:22 Actually, I think the Fuze would be nice. I have a bunch of WinMo programs that I like and would continue to use.
  • 16:47 Some people on ebay want $250 for used Tilt. Might as well get 16gb Iphone refurb for $299.
  • 18:01 Left hip hurts. Stupid laws of physics.
  • 18:42 Ebay only has phones that are 'unlocked' so they charge a ton more $$$ than the phone is worth.
  • 20:30 Ok, after looking at the compitition I think it's a Windows Mobile phone or Iphone. Samsung Eternity looks cool, but not enough for me.
  • 22:35 Why the Monkey? 034/365 Bad day at the office tinyurl.com/aubvf3
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