19 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 23:32 Med run. Sure wish LMEMS would let us run ALS engines. Kentucky really is 20 years behind the curve in emergency servces. Fire, Ems, police
  • 23:34 Example: Now they boast about transmitting ekg to hospital. Didn't Johnny & Roy do that in the 70's? Rampart, sending EKG now!
  • 04:42 EMS is messing with my sleep. Woke up@ 23:00 for a run; just got back from ride to hosp w/ possible cva. Only 3 hrs sleep so far
  • 07:37 Home at last. Let dogs out; feed dogs then back to sleep. @photomonkey was right, fire gods not kind last night
  • 16:12 Heading out to run some errands. Someone tell the migit in my head banging the gong to cut it out ok?
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