02 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 00:06 Why the Monkey? 032/365 Green tinyurl.com/dmd3wh
  • 10:28 Breakfast, YUM!. Now what to do about a photo of the day? Don't want to wait like yesterday.
  • 10:38 Don't really want to accomplish anything today. However I do have things I should be doing.
  • 11:21 I have too many hobbies. I really like them all. I just can't do all of them at the same time. Damn time-space continuum.
  • 12:12 Re-installed ATT ROM on my HTC Kaiser (tytn II) AKA TIlt
  • 12:13 140 gallon Toluene/H2O mix (20%) leak at Rhom & Haas.
  • 13:19 Whoa..spell check needed for Tweetdeck
  • 14:35 Hopefully I'll get a good quote for malpractice insurance. Just wrapped up a phone call.
  • 14:40 Getting an oil change, continuing to set up new ROM on phone.
  • 20:35 Why the Monkey? 033/365 Allied Van tinyurl.com/buma5m
  • 20:58 WTG huskies! That is all :P
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