13 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 08:25 Working R/M today. Finally getting paid for being a medic
  • 09:23 Waiting for my preceptor to return from a run. His truck is a 24 he truck. I'm only here for 8 hrs
  • 12:15 1st run hypotensive 2nd to sepsis. Obviously This will challenge my IV skills. Missed twice, but rolling on.
  • 12:16 My preceptor has recently been accepted to medical school. That is very cool.
  • 15:56 Just finished difficult vent transport. Wish we did clinical hours at Kindred @buckman. Learned a lot About our vents
  • 20:35 Why the Monkey? 044/365 Thomas the cat tinyurl.com/azrp4o
  • 21:14 Listening to TWiR international podcast.
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