21 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 05:07 Been awake since 03:30am. Time to get ready for work.
  • 06:28 Listening to EMSeducast w/ @gfriese @geekymedic and my instructor, to be named later :)
  • 06:31 Odd fact, I am a consumer of two people on emseducast. One was my medic instructor, and I use RapidCE online, which uses @gfreise PPTs
  • 06:32 Good day yesterday. Not much sleep last night. Hope today is good also.
  • 12:08 More bailout system training. Missed a good photo op of a hawk flying overhead
  • 14:55 Rode in a trauma alert with Ems. Head injury, Cpr 2 times SROC. He's in CT now. I'm stuck at hosp. With EMS crew.
  • 15:58 Headed back to the firehouse. I suspect I have a report to write.
  • 17:36 Downloading photos, hoping to find photo of the day.
  • 18:06 Why the Monkey? 051/365 Flan tinyurl.com/bdaot5
  • 18:06 Why the Monkey? 052/365 Just Joshing You tinyurl.com/brfjvl
  • 18:11 Why the Monkey? 050/365 Red joelneild.com/blog/?p=303
  • 18:21 Just when I thought I could relax, I'm told that the ENTIRE platoon is taking the Hazmat ICS class on Tuesday. I've got homework 2 read
  • 19:50 Watching Lie to Me on Hulu.com
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