20 February 2009

Twitter Log

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  • 09:31 Working R/M again. Look out world new medic on the loose!
  • 11:38 1st run Cath lab transfer. What purpose does a diagnostic lab if you can't fix the problem?
  • 11:40 I don't understand the kindle craze. I like books
  • 13:11 Still waiting for a bed a the hospital. Been here for almost an hour
  • 15:19 Another ALS run down. Demand pacemaker running @ 123. Not good.
  • 15:31 Returning to station to pick up vent & replace main O2. May not get off on time
  • 15:35 Sorry folks, I was waiting at hospital for a patient, not me. Thanks for the concern
  • 15:59 Making Als pickup that was scheduled an hour ago. Definately not getting off on time
  • 16:17 Lunch (3hr late) Wendy's fish sandwich. Not bad for fast food fish.
  • 18:43 Returning from ALS transport. Balloon pump in LAD, 3 IVs monitor, O2, and loads of patience. All went well considering
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