15 October 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 06:47 Another 24 at the station. Hopefully we can have a better day. #
  • 08:38 Weekly trucks checked, finishing house duties. We ae doing VO2 max test today. Actually it's a mathematical hybrid of a real VO2 max test. #
  • 12:02 VO2 max is lame. It's just an estimation of VO2 not actual numbers. Makes the whole thing cheap. Anyone can crunch #'s. #
  • 12:03 5 hour enegy drink = BP 154/100 #
  • 15:55 Is crazy and investing money in this time of crisis. It's like a blue light special! #
  • 20:40 Watching USA vs Trinidad & Tobago in World Cup qualifying. We aren't playing very well. Score 0-0 #
  • 21:58 Whats that they say about lying and eye blinking? I see a lot of blinking tonight. #
  • 22:05 McCain lies about small businesses. Here is proof. tinyurl.com/6rs4e3 #
  • 22:10 Did McCain just say that a Judge who supports Roe v Wade would not be qualified for Supreme Court? #
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