03 October 2008


A friend of mine made an unusual comment today. We were shopping for dinner at the firehouse and I asked a random question (as I oft times do), if they knew the difference between a peeled onion and the storage onions. I gave the answer I learned from Alton Browns TV show on Food Network.

Jon made the comment, "I wish I had your curiosity". He has only slept one hour in the past fourty eight, due to working yesterday and today. I did not think that I had an unusual curiosity with the world. I have thought about this and I do have a thirst for useless knowledge, and I almost always want to learn something new. Just yesterday I made a comment on Twitter that if I were younger and had more money I would goto Med School just for fun. I have many courses I wish to enroll in and I don't think I can ever learn everything I wish to study. I am interested in just about everything, maybe not all at the same time, but I do take a fancy to specific topics randomly. Example, right now I am listening to a YouTube video blog from geriatric1927. He is telling stories from his childhood in England during World War Two. I have never lived through a war, and with any luck a war will not come to my hometown (like Red Dawn, damn Ruskies).

I guess you can see my interests through the twitter log (which I like very much, now that I can get a daily post to my blog). So stay tuned and grab the bag of popcorn. If you don't like the show wait five minutes, it will change!

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