04 September 2008

Reunion of sorts

A few old technicians from the Magic Kingdom gathered this evening to visit and catch up with my wife and me. This is not unusual for people to meet and greet visitors but it felt different. I found that I was more comfortable sitting around the table with the people that I worked with more than six years past, than I am with my own platoon at the firehouse. The sub culture of the firehouse is known for it's family like atmosphere. The high stress events that endure during our tours are supposed to bring us together like a family (albeit a family of sweaty guys who desperately need a shower after a fire). The people who I worked with during my short three year tour at WDW are more like family than most of the people at my fire station. I do not know how or why and I am not sure if this will change. The stories we tell each other from hurricane ride out (Hurricane Floyd) to Grad nite confusions are fondly remembered by all. I have always felt like there was something special about my time at the Kingdom and tonight I found that other people had similar thoughts. Many people left the company or have moved into other positions in other parks, but during our time in the Kingdom we held court and will always remember.

Many thanks to Ralphy, Marni, Scott, Eric, Ben, Joey, Stacey, Nina, Jeanine, Carrie for spending an evening with us. Mike & Laura (our gracious hosts for the past three days) we cannot repay the kindness you have shown us, thank you for helping us feel welcome.

Tomorrow we tour Epcot (that was OUR favorite park to visit).

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