26 August 2008


I am a strange mixture of Daoist and budhist. Balance is very important to maintain. Daoism teaches yin and yang. Polar opposites that exert equal influence on the subject, thus maintaining balance.

Today I feel the influence of both yin & yang. I am a technology geek. I like my fancy phone and I like playing on computers. I am addicted to facebook, twitter and this blog (even if it doesn't appear like I post a lot). I think all these social networking web sites are a good thermometers of the society.

Nature, camping, outdoors and other earthly activities. I really enjoy the solitude found in the middle of nature. Complete seperation from the proverbial rat race, surviving on the land. This sounds like a testosterone influenced dream. I was in a happy place in the Scottish Highlands. I can't wait to return. My wife and I wish to take a camping trip, and I was hiking as often as I could before paramedic class took over my free time. I still want to go camping, hiking, caving, canoeing, climbing, rappelling and all sorts of other outdoors things. Hopefully when I finish this I can take some of these hobbies back. Our dogs really liked the hikes in the parks. They would like to go hiking again.

This is my example of yin & yang. Yes I want both at the same time. Patience is a virtue.

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