10 September 2008


The FEMA post was in response to a phone call that I had with a coworker and friend. He has been working on this issue since we were on standby for Gustav. The JCWRT was deployed back in 2005 for Katrina, and we thought we might get the call again.

He made several phone calls to local and state Emergency Managers to verify our status. According to Kentucky EM we are now a Type 1 Swiftwater/Flood Rescue team. We have the manpower, equipment and training to meet the FEMA guidlines for a Type 1 Team. Type 1 is the best you can be and many water rescue teams strive to be classified as type 1.

According to my friend, only three resources are dispatched directly from FEMA. US&R (Urban Search & Rescue teams, otherwise known as Task Forces), National Guard, and Coast Guard. All other teams are deployed via the EMAC.

Does this increase the possibility of deployment to Texas for Ike? I have no idea and neither will they until it happens. In hurricane aftermaths water teams mostly evacuate and search flooded areas. There might be a need for this (California already has two Type 1 water teams en route to Texas) and we might get the call. Until then we can train thoroughly and prepare for all possibilities.

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