25 September 2008


The past two years of my training in advanced prehospital medicine will come to a close by mid November. I am almost finished with my field internship (ride time) and I need to start thinking about when and where I will take the two tests.

The National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is the agency which sets standardized testing for Emts and Paramedics. Their tests are widely recognized (even despised) and accepted by most state agencies. The written test can be scheduled at anytime, since there is a testing center right here in Louisville but the practical exam (skills test) is a horse of a different color.

There are few "testing centers" in the country that offer practicle exams. The process is long and involved to become a testing center. Paramedic graduates in Louisville used to travel to Memphis, TN or Indianapolis, IN to test. The NREMT website lists the open test sites and dates. A paramedic candidate must register 3 weeks prior to the test date. All the paperwork must be completed prior to registering, which is to say that the program coordinator has to certify that the student has met all the requirements.

I plan to be finished with my ride time in the middle of November. There are a few choices for testing sites. Here is a list:

Deer Park, TX 12/13
Savannah, GA 12/13
Wisconsin Rapid, WI 12/13
Columbus, OH 12/13
Concord, NH 12/14
Allentown, PA 12/19
Tuscon, AZ 12/20
Denver, CO 12/20
Macon, GA 12/20
Hartford, CT 01/08

Hmm...Hartford Connecticut. Obviously Columbus Ohio is closer and there is a Cincinnati, OH date for the 14th of February. Cincy would be more than three months after I finish my ride time, too much time to forget everything. Columbus could work out if I finish before the 10th of November, too close to hedge my bets on making that date. Hartford though is two days after my birthday, in my home state. It just seems fitting that I try to test there. I could visit friends and family while I am there.

So there you have it, I hope to test in Hartford.

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