20 November 2008

Twitter Log

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  • 09:00 I'm awake already. Need to study a little today. #
  • 09:31 NOOOO! You made another medic vampire? What have we told you about being a maker? #
  • 09:43 COme to think of it, if you happen to be a vampire and need a job, Paramedic might not be so bad. You can work 3rd shift #
  • 09:44 And you can just get your drink on directly from the IV catheter. No messy punctures in the neck, no evidence. #
  • 10:05 Starting RapidCE course on Pharmacology #
  • 11:04 Finished Pharm. Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics just 2 of the cool words I don't use enough daily. #
  • 11:12 New photo project for me. Attend Special teams training for documentation. I can attend as member on duty, and next day take photos. #
  • 15:20 It costs way too much to take Paramedic exam. $110 for writen, $215 for practical. All for what? #
  • 22:13 Should be sleeping but I have water and wetting agents chemistry on my mind. Teaching Fire Foam streams to recruits tomorrow nite #
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