04 August 2009

The Job

I am guilty of complaining about my job. The rare occassion occurs
when I get to use the skills I spend countless hours maintaining.

Today, if you haven't heard, we had a rain event that produced wide
spread flash floods in the metro. I am a swift water rescue technician
and it is one the the more fun diciplines in technical rescue. I was
call in to assist with evacuations.

These are the days when I feel like I can make a difference. I
assisted with the evacuation some medically fragile people who were
trapped in high water. I am not a hero and no lives were directly
saved by me or the crew I was working with. Most of the day was spent
checking calls to 911 hours after the initial storm. Most of the water
in the areas had receded by the time we got to the low priority calls.

I would still do it all again. Today I love my job.

1 comment:

TBChick said...

So maybe today you did not save a life, but you helped people who were in dire need. I bet that in their minds and mine, you and the crew you worked with are heroes. You have a right to feel good today. Job well done!!