03 August 2009


I am bored with my job. I want more from my profession. I trained for two years to become highly trained in emergency medical care. Ever since obtaining my license I have been relegated to ambulance driver.

I tried to get a part-time job with a 911 service. No one in my area wants a new paramedic in their service. Yes, I said part-time job. My full time job with the fire department pays well, and there is no EMS job in this state that can come close to competing.

So I am screwed. I want to be able to make a decent living, but I also want to use my hard earned skills. I can't have both and that is sad. Do we need to let EMS in the US fail so we can have a better system? The gang over at EMS garage have another lively discussion on this very topic. Every week they get together and talk about EMS, often how bad the pay is for our workers. They never find a solution and I am not sure anyone who runs EMS wants a solution. Listen to their shows and email them with ideas. We need to all be on the same page, in the same room and stand up for decent wages.

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